This says it all

My plan for this blog is to share my on-going projects, ideas and things that interest me that I think might interest others. My current projects are primarily metal right now, but I am planning on getting back to my wood turning so you will probably see some mixed media stuff before long. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve thrown together over the past little while.

An empty CO2 extinguisher, a plasma cutter and a sense of irony?
Pallet wood is your friend!
Heather needed a patio table and I wanted to practice making things square.









This really was fun to do. Note to self – cut down on the caffeine before doing freehand.

I haven’t been doing the metal work for long so I’m hoping to get better but it’s fun and I get to make things for my sweetie. Heather thinks we could do with a wall piece on a big side wall of the house. Thinking about it. I’ve got a bunch of angle and channel iron from a buddy at work so I’m starting to churn out an idea. I’ll update things as I go.












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