Check your settings… You idiot!

I was cruising around web sites looking for some ideas the other day and ran across some cool metal Christmas trees. I showed the pictures to Heather and she thought something like that would be nice at our front entrance and maybe by the fireplace (she’s an enabler). I wasn’t going to do anything today, but the weather is still nice and since I’m still getting comfortable with my welding and cutting I figured it was good practice. I checked and I had some 18 Ga stock so I cut 3 varied size tree blanks.IMG_0191I really wasn’t sure what angle to use but 15 degrees seemed right. I didn’t have any round stock for the framing and stand, so nipped out to Demxx to get some 1/4″ and 3/8″ Everything’s going good, right? Started cutting the 1/4″ rod and tacking it in place. Looking good. Cut a piece of 3/8″for the trunk and got that tacked into place. Went back and finished tacking the 1/4″ inch in place still good… For the base, I bent some of the 1/4″ into a spiral. Then things went a little off the rails. Started to tack the spiral base to the trunk and something didn’t seem right. Welds didn’t look right, and they were not holding. Looked up at the welder and realized I was still set for tacking on the 18 Ga. Cranked it up and things went MUCH better. Lesson learned, pay attention.IMG_0192

All that was left was to fire up the plasma cutter and put some “decorations” on the tree. One down two to go. If the weather holds next weekend and I can remember the process, they should be done.



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