The Countdown is on


Over the Christmas break I really didn’t do anything of note, so that’s why the lack of posting. Thought I’d better say something though. Right now I’m 12 days away from retirement so I’m pretty pumped about that. This weekend has been a project weekend for me. We salvaged some laminate flooring from my sister’s house and my son Mike and I put it down in his condo in Victoria this past summer. I didn’t have time then to finish up the room transitions, so with some lieu days I was using up I road tripped to Victoria and pretty much finished things off. Ended up having to shave a 1/4 inch off the bathroom door since the original transition was from carpet to bamboo, but it all worked. My best friend on Mike’s flooring project has been my Rockwell Versacut. I picked mine up on sale at Canadian Tire. I pretty much don’t use my full size circular saw anymore although it did come in handy to cut the bathroom door down. You can see the beautiful blue carpet in the bedrooms.. That’s going to go in the not too distant future I think.

Yesterday my friend Norm called me up to say he was starting to demo a room in his place to make an open lounge area on his second floor so it was off to Whiskey Creek to bust down walls.

Just the beginning.

This weekend has kind of been a transition to getting back to projects. We’ve had a lot of wind and rain over the past month and since I do most of my welding and cutting outside it hasn’t been very good for that. Add to that the fact that my garage workshop is a total mess right now (I’m working on it!!) my woodworking/turning productivity hasn’t been all that spectacular either (or spectacular at all I guess).

Yes this is my garage workshop… No I do not have a problem with organization….Well maybe, but it’s a process.

At the end of the month I will be on vacation until my official retirement at the end of March. Lots of ideas in my head and hoping to get moving on some of my projects as well as getting my shop all in order. I’m Heading down to Yuma for a few weeks in February, so I’m hoping to get some more great ideas to bring home and work on.


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