Back to it!


Returned from the sunny south to the damp westcoast and had to figure out how I was going to make a decent work space out of a FILLED garage. You remember my garage from the last post don’t you?










Now I know it may not look like there’s much difference, but trust me there is! I got rid of a LOT of stuff and moved some of my woodworking stuff so now I have a decent welding cubicle for those rainy days and I’m still working on getting rid of more stuff. Heather and I have a garage sale planned for later in the spring so I expect I’ll add even more space. As I said, work in progress but my space is definitely useable now. My bandsaw and drill press are on rollers now so I can move them out of the way and the welding screens can be collapsed when I want to work on my wood lathe. I still have my big welding table  and plasma cutting area out at the side of the house and when the weather smartens up I have to make some tables up but right now I’ll keep busy with smaller stuff.

Can’t dance here but it works.

So I have started back on a few projects.

Right now I’m back to my wall hanging made out of trailer angle iron. I’ve got the initial (of 3) pieces prepped.

P_20160304_170734I’m planning on making 2 similar pieces and hanging them up on the side wall of our house. I’m still trying to decide how I’ll join the individual strips. I’ll think about that over the weekend. I’ve got some 11/2″ x 1/8 flat stock so will probably use that. I’ve started tacking the pieces together and I’ve tacked them from behind so I don’t have to do any major grinding on the front side. Should have the pieces all tacked together tomorrow and then we’ll see what comes next. Stand by!

P_20160304_171258 (1)


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