A fun day

Beautiful weather here on the island today. Our oldest son Mike is up from UVic for the weekend and it’s great to have him home. We did a family trip out to our friend’s cheese factory – BoMé Cheese in Coombs for their grand opening today. Horst and Bibi and their son Jonas have worked for a long time to get things rolling and put out some really delicious stuff. If you’re ever going through Coombs, stop in for a visit.

When we got back from our roadtrip I started working on a quick project for Mike. I’ve had a piece of rusted chain that my pal Norm dropped off a while back and I thought it would work for an Industrial style table lamp. I thought I’d practise on Mike and if it turned out okay I have enough for another one.

I started out by tacking the chain together for the lamp stand and then cut apart a piece of 3/8 plate that my friend Scott pulled out of his scrap pile for me.

It was 8×8 and had some posts welded on to the bottom side so I split it in half with my plasma cutter and bucked off the posts. I did a really rough cut and roughed up the uncut sides to make it look a little more “scrappy” then drilled a hole for the cord, cleaned it up a bit and ground down where the posts had been. I tacked some nuts on the back side as feet, kind of cleaned it up and it was ready to go.

I welded the chain to the base plate, sprayed a coat of lacquer on on it and voila, ready to wire up.

P_20160305_151211_LL (1)

I wired it up with a standard lamp plug and put in an Edison style bulb. I sprayed the bulb socket with Tremclad Hammered finish and it looks pretty darn good.

All in all a pretty good day. Got a project completed, had a warm sunny day, ate some good cheese and tomorrow’s another day. Forecast is calling for more rain, but hey it’s Vancouver Island. Get used to it or move!!


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