Spring Break project – part 1

Just got back from a week in Mexico. Had a great time and didn’t do much, so when we returned my son Matt said, “Dad we’ve got to make a forge!”. About 6 months ago he saw a Youtube video on How to make a mini metal forge and picked up the materials that he would need to make it. He’s thinking he might try to make some knives. It’s pretty cool really. So with an extra week left in his spring break, now was the time to put it all together. First thing was to pull out all the fixins and since it was a nice sunny morning, we thought we’d throw down a drop cloth and put it all together on the driveway. project1 (1)

The video was pretty self explanatory, so I fired up some tunes and we started in on it. First thing we did was to dry mix the play sand and plaster of paris, then added water and mixed it up well. Matt was happy to get in there and get his hands dirty.

After that it was time to pour the mix into the galvanized bucket and then insert the plastic bucket into the center and hold it until the mixture set up. We were a little off on our mix initially and had to add some extra plaster of paris, but eventually we got the right mix and it set up within minutes once that was adjusted.

Once the mix had initially set up, Matt cleaned things up and we waited for about an hour (stopped and had lunch) until things were ready for the next step.

Final step for the day was to pull the plastic bucket out and the interior of the forge was all ready to go once we drilled the hole in the side for the gas nozzle to go (Next step). We still have to make a lid for it but I think it turned out pretty good. We’ll let it do a good job of curing before we try it out. Not sure if we’ll get to the nozzle tomorrow but it was a good way to spend a couple of hours on a sunny spring day. Stand by for more!!


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