If something’s worth doing….

Well we all know that the end of that sentence is…. It’s worth OVERDOING! I was looking to make a removable wall mount for my bench grinder. I wanted to make it more accessible to my welding area and have it removable so I can swap it with my vise. Saw this design on pinterest and I figured it would do the trick so I picked up a receiver tube and some flat stock and got to work. I cut my piece of 3 inch x 3/16 flat stock and drilled some mounting holes, then centered the receiver tacked and welded it into place.

Now I will admit my welds weren’t that pretty, but they were okay. I wear progressive lenses in my glasses and I am finding that they just aren’t doing the trick for welding. I think I’m going to get a magnifier lens for my helmet and see how that works. Not blaming my glasses, it’s just I know my eyes are definitely part of the problem. Next step was to cut down a piece of 6 inch x 3/16 flat stock for the mounting base. I measured and drilled the mounting holes and then cleaned it up and prepped the hitch mount I picked for welding.

Tacked and then welded up the plate to the hitch mount and it turned out okay. I always need the practise so I certainly welded more than was probably required structurally but hey, I’ve got wire and gas, so there you go.

So why did I say I overdid it? Well it probably doesn’t need to be a 2 inch hitch mount, I could probably have gotten away with 1 1/4, but I don’t live in an urban area and often times you just get what you get. The local store had a 2 inch receiver tube and I just didn’t want to drive 40 minutes to Nanaimo. That was pretty much it for my shop work today. The weather has been beautiful so I got back outside and got a jump on my gardening. You take it when you can get it right? Matt and I are waiting for some parts for the forge so will get back to that next week. I think I’m going to try and make some shelf brackets for my son Mike tomorrow. He needs some shelves for his place in Victoria. That’s what dad’s are for. Stay tuned!

March 27 – Got it all painted and mounted on the wall. Matt says it’s the right height (which means I’ll have to stand on a stool to use it…) and he’s going to start grinding down his knife blank when he gets home from work. Happy Easter!!

Finished product.

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