Gotta do something while you wait, right??

My son is patiently waiting for his propane regulator to arrive, but in the meantime he wanted to get started on a knife to have ready when the forge gets completed. I didn’t have any saw blades to use (turns out I did, but my shop is still a mess so didn’t find it until after the fact) so we headed out to Demxx yesterday (our favourite place to get stuff). We wandered around a bit and found they had some 24″ circular saw blades so Matt picked one up and we dragged it home. It was rusty but should work just fine and now Matt has enough steel to make a bunch of knife blanks. We set it up on my DIY plasma cutting stand and Matt drew out design and cut a blank out.

Since it was the first time Matt has done this he decided to stay outside the lines by about 1/8 of an inch. He fired up the plasma cutter and got to work and his blank is ready to be ground down to the right size.

Of course his dad has to get the bench grinder mounted so better get at it! That’s my job for today.


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  1. Chris Buechler says:

    Looks like a Becker BK2 inspired blank


    1. bobdobqb says:

      Yes you are correct Mr. The Knife. Looked like a good starting point.


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