Lots of things happened on the weekend

I started out this weekend thinking I was just going to ease in to this retirement thing and by Sunday night I realized that I ended up pretty busy. Going to have to start pacing myself. It all started out with a project for Heather. A little while ago I built an industrial style table lamp for my son out of some scrap steel and chain that I had been given. It turns out that Heather liked it so much she wanted one for us as well (and she does love lamps, believe me!!). I had enough leftover, so started putting it together on Friday. Saturday  I spent the day finishing it up and it looks really nice as an accent lamp on the antique liquor cart in our dining room.  It’s a little taller than the first one I made so could probably go with a a bigger bulb (currently a 40W) if we want it for more light but right now it’s perfect (according to my sweetie).


The rest of Saturday was taken up with messing around in the garden and continuing what is probably the never ending job of organizing the shop. I had also been emailing back and forth with my pal Gord (who happens to have a really nice woodworking shop at his place in Parksville) to get some boards run through his thickness planer. For the life of me I couldn’t remember what they actually were (yes they’ve been hanging around that long)  but thought if I got them prepped and ready to go I might come up with a great idea. We scheduled my visit for Sunday so I loaded the boards up mid morning and headed off to get them dealt with.

They turned out great! I think the thinner boards are cherry? I could definitely be wrong so let me know.  Not sure what I want to do with them yet but the wood looks really nice so I’ll use them for something. The thicker slab I want to do a kind of live edge sofa table or entry table which I think would look really cool. Now I just have to dream up the base for it. Gord also gave me some smaller pieces of what I think are Aromatic Red Cedar. Not quite sure what I’ll do with them as well but I think I have an idea. I’ll just let it wander around inside my head for a while and eventually it’ll come out.


And to cap off the weekend Matt and I worked on finishing up his forge and I put my wall hanging together. I have to put some mounting pieces on the back and clearcoat it but other than that, number 1 is done! Heather came out to see the finished product and gave it a big thumbs up. I had envisioned hanging the pieces vertically while she had envisioned hanging them horizontally (inside lane, outside lane – long story for a different time). I think she’s right and as my designated style consultant I defer to her knowledge and eye. I’ll add more pictures when I get it done done.

And that was my first weekend of retirement. Two things I learned this weekend…. Pace yourself, you’ve got lots of time and… Pace yourself, you’ve got lots of time. Now I know that technically that’s only one thing,  but you get it.



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