Finishing touches

I took a little break after my busy weekend. I helped my friends Rick and Barb demo their upstairs bathroom this week, did a little gardening since we’ve had some good weather and rode my bike. Today was time to finish up a project and start another. I figure it was a good time to finish up wall hanging number 1 so I cut some pieces of 1/4 rod I had kicking around and tacked some washers on to create some stand-offs/hangers for mounting the piece on the wall. Then I tacked the stand-offs to the piece in what I hoped was the right place.

All ready to go and just needed to hang it up on the wall.


Voila!! Now that’s a big wall so I think it’ll look really good when I get the other 2 pieces done and up on the wall, but in the meantime I think it turned out okay. Thanks for the metal, Jake! I’ll show it off to Heather when she gets home. I want to keep the bright bare metal finish so I’m going to need to put something on it. Not sure what will do, I guess I’ll just have to check the intertubes and see what I can dig up. Now that I’ve got that off my table, I’m going to start getting everything ready to build Mike’s bookshelf hangers.


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