Shelf time!

My son Mike was looking to put some shelves in his bedroom. I let him know that I could build him something and he seemed to think that might be okay, so I thought that since I was on a roll today in terms of getting stuff done I’d see if I could get this taken care of as well. I had some spare 11/2 angle iron from a previous build as well as some 11/2 flat stock so I thought I could whip something up. I have some 10 inch wide pine shelf boards so I cut the angle iron into 10 inch lengths and cut the flat stock in 10 inch lengths for the legs of the brackets.

I cleaned up the metal and kept things square while I tacked it together. After that I ran a couple of beads on the outside and cleaned up the welds with the flap disk on my grinder. I drilled some holes for mounting and it looked pretty good but I thought I’d add a little something.

I was getting my bicycle serviced a week ago and and asked John at Head Over Wheels if he had any scrap parts I could scrounge. I got a bag of stuff to take home and in it was a slightly bent rotor from the brakes on a mountain bike. I quartered it and tacked the pieces in place and I think it looked pretty good.

I cleaned the brackets up and sprayed on a coat of lacquer to finish them off. I think they’ll look good up on the wall and I’ve got enough left for another set so if Mike wants 2 shelves, that’s do-able. I’ll add a picture when we get them up on the wall.




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  1. Simple and functional, and the rotor is a nice addition, well done!


    1. bobdobqb says:

      Thanks for your comment. Quick and easy and I like doing projects for things people actually use.

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      1. Yes I find the most satisfying jobs are those that don’t cause you too much trouble but really help!


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