Time to get the Beetle out

As spring carries on I’m getting the urge to get our 1971 Beetle out of my sister’s garage and put it on the road for another summer. The story of the Beetle is a great one.

Heather’s Aunt and Uncle had it as their transport for their winters in Yuma. I had said to Paul long ago that if he ever decided to get rid of it to give me first crack at it. It’s a desert car and for being 45 years old (and a VW) the body is in really good shape with little rust (even the floor pans are original and have original undercoating left on them). A couple of years ago they said it was time to let it go and would I still like it. Hell yeah!! So we took a family roadtrip to Yuma, hooked it up to a tow dolly and brought it back to its new home.

Somewhere in northern California stopped for coffee

Although the body was in great shape, those many years of sunshine and heat had done a number on the interior. Last year I found an after market dash panel and replaced the disintegrating original.

We also had some pennies saved up, so I got the seats redone by the folks at Fawcett Boat Covers. They do interiors, covers, awnings, etc  for boats, cars, you name it and they did a great job on the Beetle seats.

I’m going to get the headliner and door panels done in the not too distant future but that is another of my many works in progress. I also have new trim and window scrapers from CIP in Vancouver that I need to install. CIP has pretty much everything for old VWs, their prices are good and they’re in Vancouver so shipping doesn’t kill me.

I’ve already pulled it out of the garage once this spring to just fire it up and make sure it’s all working fine. So far so good. My next big job before getting it licensed is to pull the wheels off and check the brakes. I have some new stainless brake lines to put in and I want to do a flush of the brake system as well. So I’ll probably get it on the road for May.  Looking forward to it.

Future of the Beetle? I’ve really got a hankering to convert it to electric. I’m sure my boys would give me a hand.

My gorgeous wife Heather and my sister Kath on a road trip to the beach



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  1. I think beetles have started to haunt me, I was talking with a friend about the possibility of getting one a few days ago, shortly after I saw one for sale, then I saw one on the way home from work, now I see this lovely yellow example! Seems like I’m getting sent some signs!
    And rather than electric, how about the engine from a Subaru? I hear it’s a fairly common conversion and should give it some poke while still being reliable!


  2. bobdobqb says:

    I’m pretty sure if I stuffed one of those in the back end it would be great fun until I rolled it at a high rate of speed which is almost a certainty!! And the now retired geezer in me kind of likes the never ever having to pay for gas again part. Plus my electrical engineer son will throw in his expertise at no charge.

    But then again, I might just leave it as it is too.


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