What did Bob do yesterday?

The fact is that I am now retired. I think I’m adjusting to reality of not getting up at 6 AM to get on the road and go to work quite well. I’m also adjusting to the idea that I don’t have to get all my house/project/garden work done on the the weekend and it is so nice to be able to take my time to do things.

So what did I do yesterday?

Well first I got up at the civilized hour of 8:15 and made myself a coffee. Heather was already out the door to work. Matt was just about to head off to school and conned me out of a ride there. It’s not that far, but I understand sometimes you just want a ride. No problem.

The day was absolutely incredible for this time of year. Blue sunny skies, warm (going up to the mid 20s C forecast) and I really had nothing on my must do list with the exception of going to the Post Office to mail a couple of letters for Heather. It’s odd because I can’t remember the last time I mailed a letter.

After coffee I decided I’d pull out my bicycle and make the trip to the Post Office. I headed out and did my duty (it was about a 10 minute ride) and as I was leaving I realized that there was no way I just wanted to ride home and start something, so I headed down to the beach.

I took the long way and rolled passed fields with amazing views of our snow covered mountains and just took it all in. I felt like I was seeing and smelling it all for the first time. I rode out to “the point” on the edge of the Little Qualicum River estuary where I got off the bike, sat and had a rest and ate my banana. Once again I began thinking of things I needed to do but pushed those thoughts away with the great feeling that I was on nobody’s schedule today. So I sat in the sun, watched the eagles on the gravel bar and the sea lions out in the water and relaxed. I thought to myself that a tourist would be taking pictures, so I did as well.


As I rode back home along the water I stopped a few times to take some more pictures. If I was going to play tourist I’d do the full tourist experience!

A view of Mt. Arrowsmith from the estuary
One of the many deer in the area

and finished off by heading through the Brown Heritage Forest trail. It’s a 50 acre parcel close to our house that is a mix of old and second growth forest and it’s a great place to run, walk, bike or show off to visitors.



I was home by noon and the rest of the day was spent doing some garden work, organizing the workshed at the side of the house and just generally enjoying the hell out of the day. Oh yes I also made Pad Thai for dinner.

I’m lucky to live in an amazing place that is so beautiful. Sometimes I have to be reminded of that.





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