Sofa table Part 2

Yesterday was the day to put the legs together. I started by taking the pieces of 1×3 tubing that I had cut for the feet and tacking the 1 inch flat stock to cap the ends. Then I finished welding the caps and ground them flat with a flap disk.

After the feet I started to work on the rest of the legs. I made sure everything was square to begin with. I tacked and then welded the top mounting plates for the legs and then flipped the legs over and tacked and welded the feet to the legs. It took a little bit to make sure everything was going to stay square  but I took my time and everything came together just fine.

Once I had the legs assembled I cleaned up the welds and then once again did another test fit to see how things were looking.

Looking pretty good. Next I’ll start working on the top and get it ready to go. I had Heather look over the legs and she also thinks a piece of 3 inch flat stock would look good for the brace that I am planning to add.



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