Sofa table Part 3 – completed

Today was for putting the finishing touches on and putting it all together. Yesterday I spent a little bit of time finishing the table top. I really liked the natural wood, so once I had it all sanded down and ready to go I looked through my cabinet of finishing products and pulled out my can of Watco Danish Oil. It did a great job of bringing out the highlights but kept the wood light.

First step today was to put the brace in place. I picked up a piece of 2 1/2 x 1/4 flat stock and cut it to size. Then I set it up on my welding table to tack together. I used some short pieces of 1 inch square tubing and some off cuts from some 1/4 inch and 1/8 flat stock to set the brace at the right height so it would look right and then went through the process of making sure everything was square and true before I tacked the brace in place.


Tacked and ready for welding

I am what I classify as a “closet perfectionist”. Heather insists that there’s no way I’m in the closet :). What I mean is that although outwardly to most people I appear to have a pretty relaxed attitude and am usually easy going about most things, when I’m doing projects I want them to be perfect. I always see ways that I could have done things better or cringe when I see things that I have put together that don’t quite hit the strict tolerances I’m hoping for. But as Heather reminds me, nothing is perfect so I try not to become too focused on the things that only I can see. The reason I brought that up is that getting the table leg assembly finished is a case in point. It turned out square and looks okay and I consciously willed myself to not spend 2 hours adjusting it. After tacking it I welded a couple of beads down each side of the brace, cleaned them up with the flap disk and voila! legs done. I took it out to my workmate and set the assembly on the table top and adjusted where I wanted everything, then screwed the legs to the top. I flipped it over and checked and everything was stable and secure.

I wanted to see what it looked like in a “real” situation so put it in place at our front entrance and took a couple of pics to see. I think it looks pretty good. Of course I put our original entrance table back but it was good to see what it looked like.

I’m not sure if we have a place for it. I haven’t finalized my decision on how I want to finish it either but for all intents and purposes it is complete. My sister Kathy came by and likes it and she said that if we don’t have a place for it, she does. All is good with the universe. Update – Heather just got home and said she loves it but as I suspected we really don’t have a place for it. So off to Kathy’s it is!

The table in its final resting place at my sister’s

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