Bits and Pieces and a little free time

I have pretty much taken this week off from projects to concentrate on the yard. The weather here has been great for the past week so I’ve gotten the lawn power raked and over seeded with some good drought resistant grass seed since the front lawn pretty much died off during our drought last summer and never came back. We’ll see how this summer turns out and keep our fingers crossed. After spending the last couple of days shovelling, and spreading sand I took a bit of a break today. I didn’t have anything in mind, but as I started cleaning up the welding/shop area I picked up bits and pieces of scrap from some recent plasma cutting. I thought rather than throw it in the metal recycle bin I’d make a little something. So I cut a small base from a piece of 3 inch by 1/8 flat stock that I had used for practising a freehand design and then started tacking things together.


The resulting piece looked pretty good for a scrap project.


I really like the natural finish of the rusted metal  and the dross from the cut edges so I left it as it was (with just a little bit of cleanup) and gave it a coat of clear lacquer.


I put it on the front entrance cabinet and we’ll see what Heather thinks when she gets home. Matt got home from school and said, “cool” which for him is volumes 🙂  I asked him what we should call it, and he said, “Fuego, because it looks like flames” so Fuego it is.




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