It started as a small job….

Honestly it did. In the fall I bought some replacement stainless brake hoses for my Beetle and decided that since it’s May and the weather is gorgeous that it was time to get the work done and get Tito on the road. This past weekend Mike was home from Victoria (in transit to his EE co-op term at a company in Richmond) so I got him to give me a hand to get the Beetle up on jack stands and pull the wheels off. That in itself was a bit of a chore. Not the putting up  on jackstands but getting the lugnuts loose. Before we brought Tito up from Arizona a couple of years ago, I got the tires replaced and they waaaaaaayyyyy over torqued the wheels. But in the end physics prevailed (hooray for leverage!!) and we were able to pull them off.

Tito awaiting inspection

That’s when it got interesting. I had noticed at the end of last year that the brakes were getting pretty spongey so as I checked things over I noticed a couple of red flags. I had spotted a little brake fluid on the floor of the garage so went hunting for the source. I pulled off the driver’s side brake drum and sure enough it looked like the cylinder had been leaking a bit and depositing fluid all over the place. Dust has soaked up most of it so the picture doesn’t actually look that bad, but trust me it has been leaking. On the positive side it looked like the wheel bearings had been replaced not too long ago.


And that wasn’t the end….As I did a little more inspecting you could see the master cylinder was also leaking so that will need to be replaced as well… Sigh…


The good news is that there is a great place in Vancouver called California Import Parts where I usually get my parts from. They have a great selection of of parts for just about anything Volkswagen and right now they have free shipping. So I will order up a master cylinder and while I’m at it I might as well redo the front brakes on both sides including cylinders. I’ll leave the rear brakes for the winter. 🙂 It looks like there might be a bit of a delay as CIP has just moved to a bigger warehouse and they are out of stock on the brake shoes on the web site. I called the order line to see when they’d be getting more in and Chris, the fellow I talked to said they have actually arrived and should show as being stocked in the next couple of days. All that being said, a bit of a delay in getting Tito on the road this spring. I guess I’ll have to find something else to do this week.

Update! Woo hoo! Got all the parts ordered. Should see them early next week.


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