A box of old tools and a plan…Sort of


As I continue to clean up the shop area my usual method of dealing with the numerous old tools I have run across (inherited from my dad, my uncle and Heather’s dad) is to throw them in a cardboard box and promise myself that I will make time to sort them out. The cardboard box however is not a TARDIS.. So yes, it has filled up and I thought today that I better start sorting things out. As I pulled bits and pieces out today I decided it was time to do something with them. I have some 1 1/4 angle iron so I started cutting some pieces and tacked and welded them together to create 24 x 16 inch frame.

I’ve seen a number of things on Pinterest made with old tools, so I thought I’d give it a try with some of the tools I pulled out of “the box”. I also added in a piece from a bike rear cassette that I pulled apart and some lug nuts. I played around with a couple of designs and finally settled on something that I thought looked pretty good. Of course I called in Heather for the final word and she gave me the okay so I started tacking it together.

It pretty much went all according to plan. I did have to shuffle a couple of pieces but things went together quickly once I got started. Once I was sure I had it all solid, I flipped it and got Heather to check it again.wp-1463355483158.jpeg

Big thumbs up so I touched up a couple of tacks, cleaned it up and called it done.


Now, do I keep it as a wall hanging or do I use it as a tabletop and fab some legs for it? As a tabletop I’d need to track down a piece of glass. Do not want the gin glass to drop through, right?  Decisions decisions. Ah the life of an artist 🙂




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