There are those days

And this was one of them. Those days where I just can’t sustain anything I do. Usually I’m able to focus and stick to a task but today was one of those days when I just couldn’t.

I think it all started when Heather and I had to get up at 5:30 AM to get our Japanese homestay boys out of the house and to the bus that was taking them to Vancouver to catch their flight home.

Ryo and Yohei at Cathedral Grove

We had Yohei and Ryo staying with us for 4 days from our son’s sister school Aichi Kesei near Nagoya. The school sends about 30 students every year on a cultural exchange visit and we always provide a homestay. It’s nice to be able to show the japanese students a little about our way of life here and it tends to be quite a shock. They’re not used to so much nature and quiet.  We toured them to Cathedral Grove and the Coombs Market. They also got to spend an afternoon on the beach. So the last few days have put us all off of our regular schedule and when they left this morning there I was wide awake and without anything planned. I can only drink coffee and read the paper for so long so I headed out to the garage to do a little bit of cleanup and organization prior to our garage sale in a couple of weeks.

I wandered into the shop knowing that I had to do some cleanup but not reeeeaaallly that motivated. I started off by picking up some scraps in the welding area and piling them up for the recycle bin and when I came across a small chunk of the chain that was the remainder of the industrial lamps I made a while ago, I thought it would make a good bottle opener for the patio. I fired up the Miller 211 and tacked the links and then got my angle grinder out with the cutting disk and cut the opener section. I cleaned it up with the wire wheel, threw some paste wax on it and we were good to go. I’ll check out the functionality this afternoon on a Lighthouse Brewing Tasman Pale Ale. Okay, half an hour wasted strategically reallocated.


What about that box of old tools that needed sorting?  Well I started off by dumping out the box onto the floor of course and rummaging through the tools to do a triage. Keepers that I would put in my toolbox, old/obsolete/worn out ones to maybe repurpose in an art project and the remainder to put out for the garage sale.


I could not keep my head in the game! 🙂 I did manage to get some sorted out  but knew that this was not going to be finished today. So now I have tools strewn across my shop floor and workbench (remember the one I cleaned up a while ago?…. Well…..) but I will definitely finish up with it tomorrow. After I return from the hike that I have planned with Darren (my old boss from VIU) up the CPR trail  on Mount Cokely.

In keeping with organizational theme I had started, I built a pegboard rack to put all my grinding disks and 4 1/2 inch grinder at close hand. I had been keeping it all in my rolling welding cabinet but that just wasn’t as convenient as I wanted.

Organization at it’s finest

Of course that meant I had to dig out the wood and track down the pegboard in my sister’s garage, then pull out my table saw and get to work but in no time at all that was done. And of course while I was digging around looking for the wood I pulled out some scrap 16 Ga. sheet metal that I had been using for plasma cutting design practice and thought I should make something with those scraps…..So I did…

And stuck it up on the back fence.

It’s 2 PM but it feels like 7.  Have I accomplished anything today? Sure. The pictures tell the tale. Does it feel like I have accomplished anything? Not really. I’m not alone though. Heather is echoing my sentiments today as she tries to get her last batch of report cards ever ready to go for the end of the school year. Time for a nap….. Or more coffee…  I think the nap has won.


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