Not a fan of a bare fence.


I know I’m not the only one out there. The fence that runs along the back of our property was replaced about 5 years ago and is just now getting to the nice weathered grey look that I like. We’ve got some plants growing up the fence but It’s just not enough for me. I really see our fence as more empty space that I can hang metal (or other) projects and create a sort of gallery in the garden.

I spent the last couple of days getting our veggie gardens all set up. I bought all the seedlings a couple of weeks ago and should have had them all planted before this, but just didn’t get it done. I turned over all the raised beds to get out all the roots that the fir trees in the neighbour’s yard send into the garden, added the annual feed of compost and planted everything yesterday. Our garden is full of mature plantings but where the raised beds are there is kind of a wide view of blank fence panels which I don’t notice once the veggie garden has had a chance to grow up, but do notice the rest of the year.


You can see from the picture what I mean about a big blank space. As for the tipped over compost bin, that is a result of finding a bumblebee nest in said compost bin as I was trying to empty it to compost the garden beds this year. It will now remain there until the fall when the bees depart and no lives will be lost 🙂

My plan for this year as I get bits of scrap and ideas is to keep putting stuff up on the fence. I like the mix of plants and metal and like the changes as the metal weathers and rusts. So since I was spent after my marathon garden session yesterday I thought I’d throw something together today to hang on another section of fence.

My goal is to try and keep as much of my offcuts out of the recycle bin so I’ve just been messing around with designs . Today I took the offcut piece of 16 Ga. steel that I had used to practice on for Arwen and Eric’s wedding present and challenged myself to make something for the fence.

The first thing I did with the piece was to break out the plasma cutter and cut the sheet into a number of diagonal slices. Then I just started moving the pieces around until I got a design that I liked and once I got something that I thought looked okay I flipped the pieces over and tacked them in place



I kind of liked the way the heat spots showed up on the front side from the tacks, so I sprinkled a few more spot welds around the piece and called it good. I like to have the pieces stand off so I tacked on some pieces of 1/4 inch round bar stock to hold it out from the fence, drilled a hole for mounting and it was done.


I think it will look better once it weathers and I’m going to try and do a few more pieces over the next few days to add to the “gallery”. I’ve got some more ideas and I’ve still got lots of scrap.



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