The gate project begins


My friends Norm and Becky have a houseboat on Sproat Lake and they were looking to replace some old, heavy fiberglass over wood gates with some lighter aluminum units. The front gate was previously replaced with an aluminum unit before they bought the houseboat so they thought it was time to get the remaining gates dealt with. I’ve been practicing doing some aluminum welding with my MIG welder and spool gun and my welds are now pretty respectable. My friend Josh can get me the aluminum stock I need so it looks like it’s time to get rolling. Josh is getting me a price on the aluminum and I think they have it in stock so if the price is right, everything should be a go.

The old fiberglass over wood gates weigh about 60 pounds each, so that’ll make a big weight difference.

The new gates will be 30″ wide by 32″  long so I’m going to have to do them on my larger welding bench at the side of the garage.  looks like I’ll need some continued good weather and no wind. Better get out and get more practice with the spool gun.

It’s been hot hot hot out at the lake already and Norm and Beck are looking forward to spending the summer out there. And with little Aurora and her parents joining them for trips, they’ll definitely need the gates.


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