Busy Times

This has been a really busy last few months for us here in QB. Matthew graduated and Heather retired so it’s been a bit of a whirlwind and I haven’t had a whole bunch of time for project work. But that’s okay because I need some time to recharge my idea bucket.  Matt did great this year. He ended up with the Physical Education Excellence award, and got a couple of scholarships for his upcoming year at VIU taking the welding course. We’re really proud of him and know he’s going to do well in life. It’s a good feeling to know that you haven’t screwed up your kids.


The whole month of June was pretty darn busy but I did manage to get the gates done for Normy (well all except for the final one which I have just finished).

The weather here has been quite hit and miss here since the beginning of June but that happens regularly at the beginning of summer and why it’s sometimes called June-uary. Cool and grey and more rain than I would like, but it’s actually a good change from last year’s drought which began in May and ran through to October. So parties like Arwen and Eric’s annual summer blast go on rain or shine. It was really good to see the gang from work, share some laughs and eat some great food.

I even got to see the piece I made for Arwen and Eric’s wedding in it’s place on their fence.


Had a great time and got to demo Eric’s Oculus rig ! Man that was wild. I can see that VR is going to be the next tech big thing.

Heather and I are just getting back to having some free time. The day after Heather retired our good friend Maggie broke her hip so that has taken a lot of time but it’s been really good to be able to help her out. The party was the first of our fully retired adventures but will definitely not be our last. We’re heading out to Bamfield on Tuesday for a a few days with our friends Laura and Cliff at their cabin. We’re going to take the boat down the inlet to Bamfield which will be a fun trip and then just hang out. We’ve been trying to get down there with them for about the last 6 years so it’s about time!

Yesterday the sun came out and it was warm… For the entire day!!! Gord and Darren and I had made plans to kayak at Spider Lake so thank goodness the sun came out. It was a great paddle. The lake isn’t big, but it was a great place to have my first paddle in 2 years. I haven’t taken the kayak off the wall in waaayyy too long so it was about time.

Gord and Darren

We did a follow the shoreline route and took our time and then because of the high stress Gord said we needed a break part way through, so we found a nice little point to land on  (officially now called Point I think) where we stopped, had a beer and relaxed because we really needed it.

It was the perfect way to spend the morning and take advantage of a sunny day. Unfortunately Darren did not in fact find any alligators but aside from that it was a successful trip.

Darren on the hunt for alligators.

When I got home, I looked at the final pieces of Normy’s gate project. 1 more to go and I figured I better get it done. The original gate is angled to open past the ladder to the upper deck.

Original gate

I had gotten Norm to pull the gate off the other day and brought it back to the house to use as a template. I figured that it would be easier to duplicate the angles that way. I needed a bit more space so I pulled it out of the garage and set up on my plasma cutting stand (pat. pend.).  The original gate worked really well as both a template and base to weld on but I had a bit of an issue tacking the bottom channel into place. The wind had picked up by then so the argon flow was getting pulled away resulting in a couple of not great welds but once I got the piece all tacked together I moved it back inside the garage to finish it off so was able to tweak it a bit.

Tacked and ready to put the stiles in.

I thought I had everything measured and good to go for the stiles but it turns out I didn’t quite, so the stiles are not where I was hoping they’d be but I think it still looks pretty good.

Finished product laid over the original looked pretty close so once I get the end caps welded on and get it cleaned up it should be good to install. I had a bit of a tough time with the stiles that go up the angled piece of tubing. Not the best welds, but it should hold fine and another lesson learned.

Pretty good match

I think this summer is shaping up to be pretty busy now. I’m hoping the weather gets a little better which would mean less time in the shop, but I’ve got a couple of ideas clanging around in my noggin which may just fly out and become physically manifested.  For now I’ve got some other things on my plate. More time hanging out with Heather and enjoying retirement, relaxing and getting some things done around the house.

I’ll keep you posted!






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