Projects need to be finished

Confession time once again.

I am sometimes guilty of starting something and leaving it partially finished. Sometimes it’s because I think it’s “good enough”. Sometimes I need components to finish it off and haven’t gotten around to getting everything I need. Sometimes I don’t really know how I want to finish it off and sometimes I just get sidetracked and forget about it.

I decided yesterday that before I started anything else I would finish a couple of things on my plate. I was in such a rush to try out the forge the other day that I didn’t put the feet on and get it painted. So that was my first job yesterday. I welded the legs on, then cleaned the frame and painted it with hight temp flat black. Looks pretty good now.

Legs on, all painted and ready to put back together
Forge completed

The next project to finish up was my tabletop (or wall hanging – at the time, undecided) made of tools.


Heather and I had chatted  about what I should do with it and decided it would make a good patio table. I picked up some 1 inch tubing for the legs a while back but at the time forgot to pick up the angle iron I needed for bracing, so the top kind of hung around in the laundry room taunting me. Yesterday I thought that since I had the tubing I’d at least get the legs dealt with and that would probably spur me on. I cut the tubing to length, got everything square and tacked all the legs in place.


Today my son Mike and I roadtripped to Demxx to get the angle iron I needed for the rest of the frame and I got to work. I decided that I wanted to have a shelf of some sort so I cut the angle iron to length and tacked the pieces in place.


Once I got everything tacked together, I finished welding the legs and shelf frame and then had to decide what I was going to use for the lower shelf.


I thought about used some of the expanded (grate style) steel sheeting I had but remembered that I had scrounged some nice clear fir boards a week ago that might work well. I think they were interior trim of some sort originally so they were already varathaned and looked pretty good. I hauled out the table saw and cut them to size. Voila – finished another one.

Soon to be not a patio table..

I called Heather out to see the finished product and she told me it was too nice to put outside. 🙂

Into the spare room it goes and I guess I need to make another patio table.

Now technically it isn’t totally finished because I need to track down a piece of glass to put on the top, but that’s not a technical issue it’s a logistical issue I figure.

I want to concentrate on playing with the forge next. I’ve got my big chunk of railroad track so I guess my anvil is on the schedule now. After that I suppose I’ll have to figure out how to make some tongs. I mean I did pick up a piece of 3/4 square stock today.

And my battle cry rings out! “How hard can it be?”



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