It’s been a while

Yes it’s been a while since I’ve done any wood turning. My friend Gary asked me to make him a new “berry squishing thingy”© 🙂 I guess in technical terms it could be called a pestle but I’m not sure. He uses it to make his berry jams/jellies. Now I’ve had it on the boooks to do for waaaaaaaay too long and he called me the other day to ask about it since it is now berry season. So I had to change gears a little bit and move from metal to woodwork mode. Now honestly I haven’t really done any woodturning since I readjusted my shop area and it was a major adjustment for me. Since I was working with wood I had to fire up my dust collector and charge up my Trend Airshield.

The airshield worked great as usual to keep me from breathing in the fine dust and my dust collector worked just fine picking up the shavings of the wood I was turning with one slight exception… You really need to have the catch bag hooked up to it other wise it takes all the sawdust and shavings and proceeds to deposit them all through the garage. More of a dust distributor…Yep, didn’t see that at all until I was about half-way through. Lesson learned. I did the turning over a couple of days and because of the sawdust debacle decided it was probably not a great idea to do any welding until I got it all cleaned up.

Works better with the bag hooked up.

So back to the project. I had dug up a piece of maple and thought it would work well for the “berry squishing thingy” © I turned the block down to a round spindle and then took some measurements and got to work.


Having not done any turning for a long while I took it very slowly and managed to get it turned to something I think will work well for Gary. He needed the diameter a little bigger than the current one and I think it should work out just fine for him. I got to practice again with my gouges and chisels and all in all it was good to get back to playing around with wood. I do have to get my chisel/gouge sharpening grinder back up and running (doesn’t everyone have 3 grinders?) as without it I wasn’t able to get a good sharpening prior to starting. I used my diamond hone to do a touchup to the tools as they were already in pretty good shape though so they did just fine.


Finished product

I have to tell you, doing both metal and woodturning projects in a small space is definitely something that requires attention to cleanliness and my shop area is not big enough to do both at the same time.

Open the welding curtain and voila! Woodturning.

I think scheduling is the key here, but now that I have done some turning I’d like to go back and do some more. I have some ideas.



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