Dreams do come true!!

I’ve been wanting an anvil for quite a while. I managed to get a piece of railroad track (from my good friend Norm of course) and have been using that with our forge. It works for me but I’ve kept my eye out for an anvil. I’ve had Norm and my friend David on the hunt and have put the word out to just about everyone I know as well. Cover all the bases, right?

So on the weekend, my older son Mike came home for a visit with his girlfriend and visited her grandparents in town as well. He pulled out his phone when they came over for dinner and said, “Present for you” and showed me the picture of an anvil. No, seriously!!  Talya’s grandfather had an anvil that he wasn’t going to use and told Mike I could have it. Whoopee!!

So today I grabbed Matt after school and we headed over to see Fred and pick up the anvil. It was a heavy bugger. Turns out it is a Peter Wright 180 pounder. It needs a bit of cleanup and you can tell it has been used but it’s in really good shape. The top is flat and I think it’s going to work out great.

Loaded up for the ride home

I’m really looking forward to trying it out and as a bonus we met Fred and Elaine today. Thanks a bunch!!


Update 28/11

Just finished whacking back the rust with a wire wheel and putting on a coat of boiled linseed oil for protection. Did a bit of a light sanding on the face and horn to see how it looked and it looks good. I mean after all it’s not a piece of precision machinery so all I was really after was a bit of a cleanup. We are now ready to go as soon as I find a base. Soon.






2 Comments Add yours

    1. bobdobqb says:

      Can’t wait to start beating on hot metal with it!!


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