Scrap Day

Norm and Becky stopped by the other night with gifts! Some salvaged wood and an old saw blade. I’m not one to say no to cool stuff so of course I said yes. Today I decided I’d take the time to sort out some of my scrap and figure out where to put my latest treasures.

Cedar slabs and an old saw blade
Guess we have to find a spot for this cool stump

I got sidetracked… Honestly I had every intention of moving stuff around and getting things put away properly but the siren song of my metal scap bucket called to me as I was getting organized. In fairness I did get the side workshop area somewhat straightened up but  then I started pawing through the scrap bucket. I’ve wanted to make some small figures for a while so started by cutting up some pieces of scrap with my plasma cutter to make the basic pieces I wanted. Then I fired up the forge and did a little bit of bending to get what I wanted and finally I welded it all together. The result is something I thought looked like the Big Bad Wolf running. I named it “Grand Theft Balloon – Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen”.


It’s a goofy little piece about 8 inches tall and it made me smile as I was putting it all together.  I can finish organizing things tomorrow.


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