Today’s big project

Way back when I first got my plasma cutter, Tina asked me to make her a sign that said “If It’s Not Fun I’m Not Doing It!”. So I did.


I was close to retirement at the time and thought that was a great mantra to take into retirement with me. So I did. I’ve been working on wood and metal projects that I want to do and enjoying the heck out of the things that I do in my shop.  Today I took some of my recent “Norm” provided pieces and went big time. I made a sign to hang in my work area.

I started with a slab of cedar and the old saw blade and thought that might work as a background. I fired up the plasma cutter and cut out the letters IINFINDI (If It’s Not Fun I’m Not Doing It)


I wanted the lettering to stand off the saw blade, so I cut some 1 1/2 inch pieces of 1/4 inch threaded rod I had lying around and welded them on to the back side of the letters as stand offs. Once the letters were complete I drilled holes in the saw blade for the stand offs and welded the stand off through the back side. That rusty old saw was still hard as F%&@& so my cobalt bit took a bit of a beating.

Letters ready for stand offs
Letters ready to weld on

After the letters were all welded up I flipped the blade over and welded on some 3/8 bolts to mount it to the cedar slab.


All that was left after that was to drill some holes to put the mounting bolts through, throw a coat of lacquer on the blade and some boiled linseed oil on the cedar and stick it all together.

Finished sign

Relative to the size of my shop this sign is pretty big. Make that very big. Oh well. It will be a very visible reminder of what I want to be doing.


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