Storm Season

Yep it’s October and that means that it’s time for the storms to start piling in here on Vancouver Island. Right now we’re sort of in the middle between the storms 1 and 2 for the week. Lots of rain and wind last night and more to come tonight. Then it’s the remnants of Typhoon Songda on Saturday so it was time to get a few things done today while we had a brief break in the weather. It was sunny so I pulled out the forge and fired it up. I figured with storms on my mind I’d do something weather related. The first piece was a simple little guy that I call “Singing In The Rain” made from what else… Pieces of scrap.


The second piece is something I’m calling “Category 3”. It was really fun to forge the pieces and figure out how I was going to put it together. I think it looks like the picture I had in my mind. Big thumbs up. 🙂 My only problem now is that the fireplace mantel is getting full now.


Just got it finished and winds kicked up and clouds rolled in.  Looks like I’m going to have to find something else to keep me busy tomorrow I guess. I think I’ll start trying to figure out what I’ll put together for Mike’s coat rack. I have the stock I need and the dimensions he wants it. I guess I’ll drink coffee and draw up some ideas.



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