It’s good to accomplish something. Even if it’s not a lot.

I’ve been working with my TIG welder over the last few days and my welds are getting better but it is a slow process. I’ve been trying to get my butt joints and lap joints down and it’s going okay. I even tried a couple of fillet welds on a tee joint and would say I am progressing but I will again confirm it’s a steep learning curve.

The bead on the other side is better 🙂
Fillet weld

I also feel like I need to accomplish something as well, rather than just sticking coupons together (okay maybe it’s just a short attention span) so I’ve taken a couple of breaks to try some ideas I’ve had. Yesterday was a rare sunshiney day day since we we got back home. Perfect for dragging out the plasma cutting station and machine and chopping up some pieces for another Christmas tree idea. I put together some miniature versions of the trees I did last year about this time but made them 3 sided. They turned out great and Heather gave a big thumbs up. I have to do a few more, but at least now I know that the design is do-able and they don’t take long to put together. I’m also mulling over doing up some little parcels to put under the trees. We’ll see. Matt came home home and asked me why I hadn’t TIG’ed them since I should be a pro by now…Smart ass… 🙂

Today we’re back to wind and rain and I really didn’t feel like spending much time on the TIG practice today so I went back to the old standby scrap 16 Ga. and just started tacking pieces together with the 211. I guess I just really wanted to use something familiar. The result is what I’m calling “The Coral Sea” mostly because it started with a piece at the base that looks to me like a fish swimming through coral.

Does it look like a fish at the base? I think so.

I’d say that now the wind and rain have sapped enough of my energy that I’ll spend the rest of the day just hanging out looking at stuff on the intertubes. So be it!


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