The rocket stove experiment

It all started with earthquakes. Here on Vancouver Island we’re in an earthquake zone and with all the seismic activity around the Pacific Rim lately we thought it might be a good idea to get our supplies sorted out for any possibility. I’m thinking that a signficant earthquake in our area is more likely than the zombie apocalypse. Along with the Survivormate earthquake kit that we got from the Outsider store here in Qualicum we decided it made sense to add some other items. I had been looking for a reason to make a rocket stove and this seemed to be the perfect one.

A rocket stove is a really efficient hot burning, portable stove that will use whatever small sticks, twigs and burnable items are available and it seemed like a really good addition to our emergency preparedness stuff. There are loads of designs and videos on the intertubes so I did a little research  and got to work.

I  started it all with a piece of 1/8 X 4 inch square tubing and cut 2 pieces. One 10 inch piece with one end square and a 45 degreee angle on the other and one 8 inch piece with both ends square. Once the pieces were cut I next cut a notch in the square cut shorter tube where the angled piece would attach as a chimney.



With the pieces cut I cleaned them up and clamped everything together. I tacked the tubing together and then did the final welds.

With the basic structure completed I tacked and then welded the end cap on. I did a bit of cleanup and the hard part was done.


The final things to do were to make the bed for the sticks or whatever to feed into the combustion area, get the feet installed and make a base for cooking. The bed for feeding the sticks in lets air feed the fire from underneath. Once that was welded in place I tacked some nuts in place to let me screw in the carriage bolts and threaded rod that I had pulled out to use for legs and then cut some pieces of 1 1/2 x 1/8 inch flat stock to make the potholder assembly.




And that was it. Now to see if it was actually going to work. Matt and I took it out back and fired it up. It did take a while to get going. Pretty much everything I had to burn was wet… Or at least damp but it finally took and pretty soon it burning great. We threw a pot of water on and within 5-6 minutes we had the water boiling. Not bad. The final test was a quick scrambled egg. Yummy!

So it works. I’m going to put it in a 5 gallon pail with a lid along with some dry wood and  a bit of newspaper and then throw it in my shed… Just in case.  Now that it works I have to make a few more because I promised I would if it did 🙂



2 Comments Add yours

  1. battoman says:

    I’d throw in a Ziploc back with waterproof matches and a Butane lighter as well.


    1. bobdobqb says:

      Oh yeah. Can’t forget a combustion source. 🙂


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