It all started innocently enough

And now it’s a full blown obsession….. First it was just an idea to make a little Christmas tree out of some scrap 16 gauge sheet stock. That was a couple of months ago.

The culprit

It seemed harmless enough and Heather liked it and I thought I’d move onto something else. And I did…  For a while… But then I came up with the idea that I’d like to make a smaller 3d version of the trees I made last year. I made one and then thought I should make a couple more of different sizes just for fun. So I did.


And then I made some more and kind of refined the process and when Heather said she needed to think of something to give out at the annual Christmas get together that she has with her girlfriends (it all started out as a cookie exchange years ago) I of course suggested that the little trees might be a neat gift idea. So the forest has gotten bigger. And while I make them I come up with different twists on the original. Today I added what I like to call my “Nightmare Before Christmas tree”

The Nightmare Before Christmas tree

And I’ve been thinking about doing some with little hammered copper ornaments for a bit of a change up.

I can quit any time… Honest.. But they are kind of fun to make.

And my sister wants one and Heather’s friend Jennifer got one from me last night so I have to replace that one, right?

Oh it’s a slippery slope folks.




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