The end of the Christmas rush

I didn’t realize my little christmas trees would be so popular but there turned out to be quite a few people who wanted me to make some for them. So for this past week I’ve been cranking out a bunch for various folks and I think now I am finally done. In total I’ve done about 20 and today was the last one. I did enjoy making them but if I make them again next year I’ll probably  do a little bit of prep work before the christmas season shows up so that the work flow is a little quicker and I don’t spend ALL my time on them. Frankly I’m tired of making them.

But the last one I made today was another change up and it was specially made for Heather.  It started out as a standard tree, but instead of plasma cutting the designs I drilled some holes to hang “ornaments” on.

Ready for ornaments

I took some copper wire that I had rescued a while back and twisted it into ornaments. Nothing fancy, just flat coils but they did look nice.

Coiled ornament

After I got the copper coiled, I took my tack hammer and flattened the coil and then peened them to get a little extra texture. Once that was done I cut the copper wire and hung them on the tree in the holes that I had previously drilled.

Ornament flattened and ready to be cut off and hung

The final product looked pretty good and with a coat of lacquer sprayed on was ready to join the forest on the Christmas tree table.



As much fun as they were to make initially, I’m done with them. When you have to churn them out they become significantly less enjoyable to make. But I guess that was my fault. If I’d made one here or there during the year when I had the spare time and scraps I don’t think it would have ended up to be such a chore. Food for thought. So on to something else now.

What you ask? Well Matt did just get his new belt grinder from that will need to be set up. Sweet unit fabricated by Beaumont Metalworks. The folks at were really great to deal with by the way. I picked up a 1 1/2 hp electric motor at Princess Auto for it yesterday so it’s on the schedule to be done.

Beaumont Metalworks KMG just sittin’ on the floor

We’ll see if Josh can scare us up a piece of 1/2 inch plate to use as a base for the assembly and then do a little fabrication for a stand and wire it up. How hard could it be? I guess we’ll see.

Oh and I’ve got other stuff to do as well. But not before Christmas. Stay tuned.


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