The solar project – testing

Finally got all the bits and pieces sorted out and today was the day to run some wire and do a quick test of the system to make sure everything was working. The first job was to build the wiring for the panel. I had ordered some MC4 connectors that are for solar use (They’re dustproof, waterproof, etc etc) and today I crimped and soldered the connections and connected the panel to the charge controller to see how it all worked. .

MC4 connectors from the panel.

The first thing I looked for on the charge controller was the little green light that indicates the panel is providing power. Check!

Green light on the upper left – thumbs up.

I noticed it was showing night mode, so I reset the time to the current time and the display eventually switched over to the daytime notification. The little battery icon indicated that it was accepting a charge and there were no warning lights, so everything was looking dandy. The little smiley face on the display confirmed it. 🙂

Oops! Flash was on so you can’t see the panel indicator on the left of the display.

I cycled through the display functions and sure enough I was getting charging from the solar panel. Not much because it’s cloudy today but enough to confirm it’s working and everything was showing up as normal. So that’s good.

Now that I know it’s all functional the next steps will be to get the DC breakers wired in between the panel and the controller and the battery bank and the controller. That will make things safer and also allow me to shut the power down for any maintenance or changes I might want to do. Then I’ll mount the breakers and the controller on a panel and get it ready to slap up on a wall when the shed is in place. I’m also going to do some testing with the inverters Norm brought me to play with and start working on wiring the battery bank.

Inverters to play with

In the meantime though, I’ve been spending the rest of the day tearing out the shower insert in the upstairs bath in preparation for the rebuild and tiling. It should give us more elbow room and be a nice upgrade. I’m not going to do that project though. I’m leaving it to our friend Kevin. He’s redone our downstairs bathrooms and does a fantastic job. I will show pictures of the project as it goes along though.




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