Winter can go now

I know I shouldn’t be complaining. Winter here is nothing like they get anywhere east of us but I’ve had enough. On the island we’ve been spoiled over the last few years with relatively warm winters and little precip. This year has been pretty much the opposite. Yes indeed the snow and cold is much needed to replenish snow pack on the mountains and help us through the long hot summer but I’m done with it.

The shop area is cold and even with my infrared heater it’s pretty chilly.

Even my trusty heater can’t keep me working.

I did manage to get out this week on a sunny day before the snow hit and got a couple of things that I had on my plate completed but it’s really hard to get rolling on something that you know you might have to shelve for a while.

The forecast has more cold weather and snow (possibly) for next week but that’s okay. I’ve got a pretty busy week coming up doing other stuff. But after that we better be done with the snow and it better warm up! Just sayin’.

Had to get that off my chest….




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