Unscheduled projects

It’s a good thing I didn’t have anything scheduled today. Last night when I heard those fateful words coming from the laundry  room – “Umm, Bob could you come and take a look at this?” I knew something was up. When Heather uses that particular phrase in a certain way I know my toolbox is not far away. Not that she breaks a lot of stuff around the house, it’s just that after 27 years you kind of figure things out.

Turns out our LG dryer (about 7 years old) would run for about a minute before it shut itself off. I checked the unit to see if there was maybe a major lint blockage but didn’t really find anything major in the duct so I fired up the intertubes and took a look for more information. The online concensus of opinion was that either there was lint buildup internally or maybe the motor was overheating and shutting down. My hope was it was just a lint issue so I pulled up a Youtube video on how to diasssemble the dryer and disassembly seemed pretty straightforward so I got to it.

First step – Lid pulled off

Our dryer happens to be a steam dryer so it wasn’t quite like the video and I didn’t go all the way through to removing the drum because it looked pretty clean inside, but I did do a major clean of the blower and heating element area as well as the lint trap area and ducting. I didn’t take any pictures of the front disassembly and cleaning because there’s not a whole lot of room but lets just say there WAS crap in there and I cleaned it up. I also cleaned up the moisture sensor (some folks online had that as a cause of problems).

The nice, clean lint trap

Reassembly was pretty quick and as straightforward as the disassembly so I buttoned it up, plugged it in and tested a 20 minute cycle. It ran through the entire cycle with no problems at all so I think we’re good to go.

Test halfway complete. Thumbs up so far

We’re going to run a wash shortly and give it a full test.

I’m thinking it’s going to work. If we still have problems I imagine it’s a motor or heater element issue which I’m not sure I want to tackle, but if it works I’ve saved myself a service call from Curtis and if it doesn’t I guess we’ll need decide what to do next.

Once again a page out of my “If it’s already broke, you can’t make it more broke” chronicles.

And now I think I’ll grab Matt and get his knife grinder temporarily mounted. That’s a good inside job since we still have snow on the ground.


So a quick measure up and some lag bolts and the grinder is temporarily set up on the bench for Matt to give it a test. The motor sure draws a lot on startup so I had to shuffle some stuff onto other circuits and keep the grinder pretty much by itself on the 20 A. Matt’s got his respirator on and eye protection and from his smile I think it’s working just fine. Now if we can get the piece of 1/4 inch plate for the permanent mount we’ll be in business.

Certainly unscheduled but some days you have to do stuff you’re not planning on.





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