Unscheduled projects – part 2

Or actually today it’s a project that should have been scheduled a while ago but just didn’t make the cut. Today was another laundry room day. We’ve had a leaking front door seal on the washing machine for let’s just say longer than a month. I think a drawstring on some shorts got caught when the door was being closed and tore it up pretty good.

The chunk out of the seal. If you squint it will come into focus..

I’ve had the replacement seal for quite a while but hadn’t gotten around to dealing with it. Partly because it needed 2 sets of hands and partly because  I just hadn’t gotten around to it. Heather’s been a good sport about it but is understandably getting a little tired of having to put towels down to catch the leaks every time she uses the washer. Matt was available today to give a hand and with the dryer getting fixed yesterday (yes indeed it is now working just fine) I thought it was time to do the washer as well.

Once again I trolled the intertubes and got a good video on replacing the door seal of our LG washer. Matt gave me a hand and we pulled out the washer and started disassembly.

With the top and front off it was a pretty straightforward job to pull the the door seal out and put the new one in place. The video was a really good step by step assistant. Boy oh boy that seal that we pulled out was really grungy. Heather says maybe we should be a little more dilligent about keeping it clean. I agree.

Old seal out.

With the new seal back in place it was a bit of a job to get the retaining rings back in place but with 2 sets of hands and a little patience Matt and I quickly got them back in the right grooves. There is a special tool that you can buy to do it but it seemed like a lot of cash for a tool I’d only use once and there was some extra info out there about doing it without the tool. So we gave it a whirl and had no problems.  Took us no time at all to button it up and get it back into place and then we tested a load of towels. Problem solved. No leaks and all was good.

The sun came out while we were working on the washer and it’s up to 7 degrees so I am taking that as a good omen. The snow is melting at a furious pace and Heather and I have gotten out for a good walk. I think spring is just around the corner and my creative juices and enthusiasm seem to be flowing so it’s time to open up the workshop and get sparks flying again.

Snow is melting like crazy
A gorgeous Vancouver Island day. I’m likin’ it!

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