It’s always good to make things you need

The last couple of times I was using my grinder I got a little frustrated. I had my flap disks, cutting disks and grinding disks  hanging on a pegboard I installed by my grinder, but the hooks I had didn’t allow storage for more than a few disks. I found that I had to be very careful pulling the disks off the hooks or the entire hook would pull out and I’d be picking them up off the floor. Not to mention that hanging my grinder on the board totally didn’t work.

The original disk/grinder storage

So yesterday I decided to remedy that problem with a new disk storage rack. I scrounged around and found some flat stock and some 3/8 square bar and got to work.

I cut a 24 inch piece of 2 1/2 x 1/8 flat stock for the wall mount and cut some 6 inch pieces of 1 x 1/8 flat for the arms that would hold the disk rack.

Test fitting the arms

Once I got the arms in place and tacked and welded securely, I cut a piece of 1 inch square tubing to length to use as a mount for the posts. I secured it and then tacked and welded that in place. Everything was square and looked good.

Tubing ready to be welded

With the tubing in place I started on getting the posts ready. I cut 6 pieces of 3/8 square bar and welded them vertically to the square tubing which gives me enough room for the disks I currently have plus an extra post just in case.

Disk posts mounted.

I also wanted to be able to hang my grinder(s) there as well so I cut a piece of 2x 1/8 flat stock to length and welded it to the front of the assembly. Job almost done!

Almost completed

The final step was to drill some mounting holes and put it up. It’s not carrying a lot of wieght so I figure a screw at either end will be ample. Seems pretty secure.

Mounted and ready to go.

Works like a darn. I moved all my disks to the rack and hung up my grinder on it. Looking good and better access to all my grinding stuff now. I’ve ordered a new Makita cordless angle grinder that will work with my current Makita batteries and it will hang up there with my current grinder. I’m tired of the limitations of a cord on my grinder so I’m treating myself.

Rack in action

The downside is that the pegboard is pretty much unuseable now but I’m okay with that. I’ll figure something else out for the other stuff that hung up there.  It’s nice having the disks easily accessible and not falling all over the place when I need to grab one.

This was a really nice get back into the groove, stream of conciousness project. I sort of knew what I wanted and it just kind of organically came together. With another nice warm, sunny day it was a great way to spend the afternoon with the garage open and the music blasting. The next on my list for that corner is to fire up the forge and make some better hooks for hanging my welding helmet and other protective gear. I think I’ll wait until all the snow is gone for that though.






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