It’s the little things

Sometimes it’s the little things that you do that give you the most satisfaction. That’s the way it was this week. I shipped the lamp down to Nate and Sally via UPS this week. Because I don’t send much stuff well, anywhere really, the process of getting all the paperwork in order, scheduling the pickup and then hoping I had done it all right and it was going to make it to Utah had me a bit on edge. But it’s scheduled for delivery tomorrow so I can breathe easy. I packed it well so I’m staying positive that it’ll be in one piece.

Nate and Sally’s lamp ready to be shipped

I got my new cordless Makita grinder as well this week. Had to tweak my old battery to work with it but the grinder works great. So nice to not be tripping over electrical cords.

New grinder. So nice.

Heather found a free table lamp on one of the Facebook groups she frequents and asked me if I thought I could use it. I immediately said yes. I’ve been meaning to get a lamp because I find I need more focussed light to just fill in the shadows when I’m TIG welding.  When Heather went to pick it up for me I sent her with one of the manly chain bottle openers I had been making  as a trade. I had some scrap 3/8 chain that I thought I should make bottle openers with so I spent a bit of time on that.

Some of my new bottle openers. Why so many? Why not.

Once I got the goosenecked lamp in my hot little hands I Frankensteined it to the magnetic base of my MIG torch holder (which will in turn be modified to use a clamp base) and it works really well for a point light source on my welding table.


And I also started getting one of my cedar slabs ready for becoming a tabletop. I started putting polyurethane on and will put some more coats over the next week. Once it’s ready to go I’ll get started on the base.

Cedar table top.  First coat.

As I was tripping over stuff in the garage I thought I’d clean up the temporary wiring for my solar panels/batteries. I wired it all up nice and installed the breakers and controller on a piece of MDF that I’ll move to the new workshop when it gets built and in the meantime gets things organized and off the floor.

I have started boxing in my exhaust fan that I use when the weather is not so nice but still want to get the welding or whatever fumes out of the garage. I’ve got an idea in my head to turn it into a DIY fume extractor with some 4 inch flex hose and some other bits and pieces but boxing it in was a start.

DIY fume extractor part 1.

And I can’t forget to mention my Demxx find of the week. What was it? Two marine electrical boxes. Now there’s about 50 layers of paint on them and I have no idea what’s inside but they looked cool and I have a couple of ideas floating around as to what I’ll do with them. I seem to be on a lamp kick lately, so maybe? I’ll update as I go.


The week was topped off by a visit from Mike and Connie. We’re going to Mexico with them next month so Heather thought we should have a taco dinner and Margarita pre-load in preparation.


All in all nothing major got accomplished this week but all the little things together amounted to a great week for me. I got a little more organized, I got a new toy, I built some stuff, I found some stuff and I drank maragaritas with good people so definitely in the win column as far as weeks go.

Oh.. and the snow’s gone too, so that’s good as well.






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