Yuho builds a box


Yuho has come from Japan to soak up canadian culture, travel, and have a break from university. She visits Heather during the week for conversational english and some writing practice and to learn more about life in Canada. Heather and Yuho have gone shopping, have done some cooking together and other things and last week Heather asked if I would show her my welding projects. Yuho is taking woodworking in university so I thought she might enjoy building something out of metal to take home with her.

Heather and Yuho discussing holidays

I thought a little metal box would be a nice quick build so I got the parts prepped and ready on Sunday night before project day on Monday. I have some 4 inch square tubing that I use for my rocket stove builds so I cut a short section of tubing to use as the main box body and then cut some 1/8 x 4 inch flat stock for the bottom and the lid of the box.

The first thing we did when Yuho arrived was to get her set up with appropriate safety gear and then I pulled out the plasma cutter, showed her how things worked and got her cutting up a scrap sheet of 16 gauge steel.


Once she got used to the noise and sparks she quickly got the hang of things and had fun cutting out some designs and her name and then we moved on to the welding.

I explained the MIG welder and we talked about how we were basically gluing metal together using electricity (and more metal) then we headed to the welding table where I had some coupons cut for her to practice on and we got to work. Yuho did some practice beads and tacks on the coupons and then did some butt welds, lap welds and tee joint fillet welds.

Yuho practicing with the MIG
Butt welds. Not bad!

Yuho really took to the MIG welder quickly so in no time we got started on the box itself. We started on the lid first and Yuho welded some inserts in the lid so the lid didn’t slide around and then welded on a piece of chain link (cut in half)  to the top of the lid for a lttle handle. Turned out great. Next was to weld up the bottom of the box. Yuho tacked it in place and then welded around the bottom to secure it.

Adding a couple of extra bits of weld to the bottom.
Finished box ready for grinding and lacquer

The box was finished. Yuho did a great job. I did some finish grinding on the welds to smooth it out nice and sprayed some clear lacquer on it. It looks super!


Yuho with her finished box

Yuho seemed to really enjoy working with the welder and did a wonderful job with her welds. We had fun working together and I’m happy that Yuho has something to take back home with her from Canada that she made herself.




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