Ain’t no lightweight – Part 2

Well the end of a (for me) lengthy build has me quite pleased with the results and ready to get on with something new. Mike’s new wine/liquor rack is now finished and ready to go to it’s new home at his place in Victoria. Before we took off for a week in Mexico I did the big push to get the project as close to done as I could. I cut some tabs for the table top and welded them into place using a scrap piece of the cherry as a spacer to get the height right and then cut and welded a center support.

Prepping the tabs for welding
Top supports completed

Once the supports for the top were ready to go I got to work on sanding and putting some polyurethane on the cherry top. Three coats later and it was looking really nice.

Top finished and ready to go
Loving the cherry top

With the top done it was time to start working on the sides/dividers. I used some 3/4 by 1/8 scrap flat stock that I got at demxx and cut and welded up the frames and used more of the extruded sheet stock in the center. This was the time consuming part and I think if I do something similar in the future I’ll probably make a jig to speed up the fabrication.

Frame pieces cut and prepped for welding
First frame welded up
Cutting the extruded sheet
Finishing up the frames

With the frames ready to install, it was just a case of getting them centered and doing the welding. It was definitely a little finicky to get everything in place. I kept forgetting that I had my helmet on which meant I couldn’t just stick my head in and weld. I had to do a bit at arms length so some were not my best beads but it all came together.

Last of the frames going into place

The final step before I headed off to Mexico was to get one of the angle dividers for the wine rack portion put together and in place.

Test fitting the  angle divider
Finished divider

Cut to – A week in Mexico


And we’re back!

My pal Mike picked up some casters for me at Lee Valley  and I picked them up from his place on our way home from the airport. Installing the casters and making one more angle divider was all that needed to be done to have the rack complete. This morning I welded some tabs on the base, drilled them and installed the casters and then made that last angle divider.

Mounting tabs for the casters

Done! I brought the rack inside for a photo shoot. Set it up and everything so Mike can see what it turned out like.



Turned out pretty darn good. I’m happy with it and more importantly Mike likes it. Tracking my hours on it was a good call. It made me see how much time it actually takes to make something bigger. I’m not going to tell you how many hours it took. Like most things, I’m pretty sure it would take less time next time. I’d do some things a little differently but not much. On to whatever comes next. Got a few irons in the fire.



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