The Big Dig – Part 1

A couple of years ago I noticed that the landscape tie retaining wall between our property and my sister’s was starting to give out. We talked to Kathy and the consensus was to get it pulled down and to replace it. We decided to bite the bullet and go concrete this time. Not cheap but we were going to be splitting the cost with Kathy so it would be manageable for both of us and hopefully we would never ever have to deal with it again. Due to circumstances beyond our control ( it’s a small job and most contractors around here are filled up with big jobs) we are just now at the point of getting it rolling.  So what that means is that to get the excavator in to dig the footings the property line had to be cleared of crap.  Sprinkler lines (on our side) had to be removed, wood sheds on both sides needed to be torn down (neither was in great shape and not being used for wood any more). We also decided to get rid of our garden sheds (mine an old cedar one that I got from my dad many moons ago. Kathy’s, an old tin shed). Since it’s spring  now these were suprisingly easy to get rid of.  The tin shed was snapped up within minutes of putting it online on the local buy/sell swap groups and the bigger cedar shed is going to a fellow that Ray our builder knows. Problems solved. Final rearrangement was to get Kathy’s greenhouse shed moved off the property line to the side of the house to allow the excavator access to the back of the property.

As I started digging out the sprinkler lines that ran along by the retaining wall of course the wall crumbled Making my job oh so much easier. But I got it done. Sprinkler lines removed. Check!

Next came the tear down of the wood sheds. Kathy’s came down pretty quickly. Mine took a bit more time because I of course over built it for the simple task of holding wood. Pretty sure hurrican force winds couldn’t have knocked it down.

Woodshed almost down

With the woodsheds down it was time to move the blueberry bushes and finish the work along the property line. That I put off until today for various reasons. Yolan is going to be arriving tomorrow to do the excavation so I wanted to make sure we were all good to go. We got the tin shed out to the road and loaded on to it’s new owners trailer and then I pulled off the fence sections. Next I jacked up the greehouse and set it on some poles, then Matt and I fired up our brute strength to roll it over to the side of the house. Should give us enough room. We’ll find out soon enough I guess.

It’s now all ready to go and I’m DONE (in more ways than 1) for the weekend. The cedar shed is getting lifted out and sent away first thing tomorrow. Yolan arrives at 9. This is now officially someone else’s job to continue. 🙂  I just checked Kathy’s plot plan and it looks like the original wall may have been quite a bit over the property line so I’ll check it with her. May end up with a little more useable space on our side.

View from the road. Ready for the excavator
View from the backyard. Ready for the excavator

What did I learn?

1 – Let go of your pride and let the heavy equipment do what it does best.

2 – It was good excercise, but I’m gettting too old for this s**t.


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