In Between Times

I like to keep myself busy. In between all my regular projects and house stuff and everything else going on I like to fill in time. Sometimes it’ll be reading a book or having a nap but sometimes I like to just fool around with new things. This recent adventure is a good example of a time filler. My friend Norm dropped me off a bunch of short chunks of  copper cable from a high voltage line that had been replaced where he works.  The pieces were about 12 to 24 inches long  and when I started stripping the casing off found a motherload of 10 gauge copper wire inside.


With the copper stripped and the strands separated it was time to come up with an idea of what to do with the copper wire.

Some of the wire seperated and ready to be used.

Heather said she had seen some neat looking hammered copper pendants on the internet so I got to work. I heated and hammered and twisted and finally came up with something I liked.


More importantly Heather liked it. 🙂

And to just get the technique down I made 2 more. We’ve had Bianca and Zoe visiting from Hong Kong for the last 10 days so I  made a pendant for each of them as a going away gift.


So now I have a little something extra to do when I feel the need to fill in some time. I’ve made a couple of variations on the initial heart theme and I’m branching out to other designs.

Always good to keep the creative juices flowing.


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