The Big Pour and the Big Reveal.

Continuing on with the retaining wall project, with the forms all completed and ready the concrete pour was scheduled for last Tuesday at 11 AM. We had the pumper truck all lined up and the operator had scoped out the situation and said he’d have no problem getting it all the way to the back of the forms. Phew! It was going to be 9 1/2 yards of concrete so I was very happy that we weren’t going to have to do it by wheelbarrow. Matt was home from school for the week so we drafted him for assistance. The pumper truck arrived at 10:30 and set up. In no time at all we were ready for the concrete.

At 11 AM on the dot the concrete arrived. I was absolutely amazed at how quickly things went. The guy running the pumper truck also ran the hose and man was he ever good.

Ray and Russell manned the vibrator which is used to get the concrete to flow into the forms and not leave any voids and Matt and I assisted with making sure the concrete got down into the footings and dealt with any areas of overflow. Within an hour the forms were all filled up and Russell and Ray were working on screeding the top and Matt and I were cleaning things up.

Finishing up

It was crazy how fast things went. This is the first time I’ve ever dealt with a concrete pour and it all went like clockwork. No forms blew out and the weather was perfect.

With the weather being hit and miss since the pour we didn’t pull the forms off until today. Pretty straightforward. I had pulled the braces off over the weekend as I optimistically thought I’d get the sprinkler system re-plumbed before the forms came off but that wasn’t to be. But it did put us ahead in taking the forms down.

Ray working on removing the forms.

It was a bit of work to get all the forms off and cleaned up but once it was done it looked great.

Side one forms removed
All the forms off

I still have to finish peeling the forms off of the footings and do a major cleanup but the wall is up. Yolan should be around in the next little while to do the backfilling and then we’ll start making it look pretty.

We were pretty much on time and were actually under budget so I consider this a huge success. I know for sure that my retirement does not include even part time employment in the concrete industy 🙂 because man it’s physical! I’ll be happy when I can get back to my welding and the forge. Soon.




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