Copper is cool

The more I work with copper the more I like it. I’ve started making copper jewelry with bits and pieces of scrap that I have acquired. I first started with the scrap 10 gauge copper wire that I got from Norm.

I really enjoyed the process of making the hammered copper jewelry and the thing I really liked was that if I screwed up I wasn’t wasting a boatload of money in supplies, just my time so I started doing some different designs and mixing them up with other “stuff” like beach glass. I found they were a great way to make something nice that didn’t take a long time. I can make them up when I’m at loose ends or between other things.

But I also have other copper scrap and have moved along to working with repurposed copper tubing. I’m making pendants and bracelets and really enjoying the process.

For the bracelets and pendants that I’m also making I start with splitting and flattening my copper tubing. From there with my bracelets I plasma cut the edges to make an interesting shape (well interesting to me at least) and start working on shaping the bracelet.


Once I have the bracelet shape refined I take bits of scrap from the flattened pipe and cut them into shapes and do some designs with the plasma cutter (whatever comes into my mind). Once that’s done I take them to my welding table and TIG weld the copper scraps to the bracelet.



The process works out well and I like the copper to copper TIG welding. I don’t have to deal with solder and the colours blend so nicely.



I’ve tried some different designs now and have also worked on heat treating to give a patina which I think has turned out well. And I keep trying new stuff.

My new pendant styles are more chunky and incorporate heat patina-ing and what I really like about them is that the heat patina totally changes each piece.  I’m adding glass beads with TIG welded mounts. They look really neat and the glass kicks it up a notch I think. I’ve also tried adding a little bit of TIG brazed bronze. So many options! Only limited by my imagination I guess.

More to come!




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